USTA Teams

Clovis Tennis Club Team Support

Clovis Tennis Club (CTC) is in partnership with the Northern California (NORCAL) United States Tennis Association (USTA) and Clovis Unified School District in support of USTA team competitions. The club offers a “Home Organization” that affords USTA teams with REQUIRED INSURANCE at Clovis Unified School District (CUSD) facilities. We provide for the coordination of facilities with CUSD (given court priority of use) and deliver administrative support with CUSD.

All USTA players that register under CTC, as their Home Organization at CUSD facilities, are required to be CTC members. Individual membership is annual, continuing from the date a member joins, through the full year.  Player must be a member of USTA and CTC throughout regular scheduled play and playoffs.

Membership also includes play in CTC leagues (at an additional fee per league played) and CTC tournaments.

Each USTA team’s Captain is required to sign a letter of agreement (Captain’s Agreement) that enters CTC and the team in an agreement as to the team and the players adhering to CUSD and CTC rules of conduct pertaining to sportsmanship, cleanup, non-alcoholic policies, etc. These rules of conduct would seem evident, but history has shown it best to stipulate the rules as a reminder.

CTC can and will work with USTA qualified teams, in coordinating bathroom support requirements. At times when schools are not open for normal support, this comes at the expense of the USTA team. Coordination for special bathroom support for days schools are not operational can be worked through the CTC Executive Director at

Added bonus for CTC USTA Team District winners: CTC will pay the registration fee for the teams reaching the first level of the playoffs (Districts), who’s teams are 80 percent CTC members by the second week of USTA league play (but all other winning level fees are the team’s responsibility).

A Captain’s agreement is attached, to this web page, for downloading and signature.

Click Here for Captain’s Agreement