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The Clovis Tennis Club is a nonprofit community tennis association that provides recreational and competitive playing opportunities for adults at all skill levels - from beginner to advanced.

All club events and activities are held at school sites within the Clovis Unified School District. In return, the CTC supports Fresno-area junior tennis players and programs in a variety of ways, including grants for equipment, monetary donations and annual scholarships.

About Us

The Clovis Tennis Club seems to be best known in the community for its evening tennis leagues. On Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays for 40 weeks each year, the club has a variety of leagues in session with more than 150 players participating each week.

Over the years, club activities have greatly expanded. Now, the CTC offers women's Intercity and USTA team tennis, a Saturday morning men's doubles drop-in league, a Sunday morning mixed doubles drop-in league, and chance-draw, USTA and CCTA tournaments.

Perhaps the history of the Clovis Tennis Club is best personified by its selection as Outstanding Club of 1999 by the Northern California region of the U.S. Tennis Association. The club continues to grow each year, and the CTC would love for you to join us.

For more information about the club or membership, contact the appropriate Board Member or Commitee Chair

or email:  info@clovistennisclub.com

If you would like to donate your time to this volunteer-run organization, contact any Board Member or Commitee Chair.

Board Members

Board of Directors as of December 15, 2022 membership election.

Newly Elected

Mary Beth Carter, Diane Diedrich, Kathy Gorman, Rosa Amaro, Daksh Punia

2nd Term Members

Michael Dun, Emma Kalmbach, Steve Lee

Officers elected by the Board of Directors on January 15, 2023

                                                             President:                             Mary Beth Carter

                                                             Vice-President:                    Michael Dun

                                                             Treasurer:                             Diane Diedrich

                                                             Secretary:                             Emma Kalmbach

                                                             Board of Directors:            Kat Villarreal, Steve Lee

                                                             Board of Directors:            Kathy Gorman, Rosa Amaro, Daksh Punia

Commitee Chairs

                                                            Membership Chair/Co-Chair:     Daksh Punia/Rosa Amaro

                                                            League Chair/Co-Chair:                Steve Lee/Daksh Punia

                                                            USTA Chair/Co-Chair:                    Kat Villarreal/Rosa Amaro

                                                            CUSD Liaison Chair/Co-Chair:     Ann Heck/Emma Kalmbach

                                                            Finance Chair:                                 Mary Beth Carter

                                                            Event Chair/Co-Chair:                   Kathy Gorman/Rosa Amaro & Kat Villarreal

                                                            Club IT Chair:                                   Mary Beth Carter

                                                            Merchandise Chair:                       Michael Dun/Kat Villarreal

We Welcome and Need Volunteers

Please consider volunteering for one of our committees.

This is a membership run organization, so full participation is the key to the success of our club.

Fall League Registration is OPEN

NEW this Season!!!

Men’s Progressive Doubles - Mondays at Clovis High


Our FALL league starts the week of Oct 2nd and ends December 15th. Please go to our Leagues for more information.

- You must sign up by Wednesday, September 27th.

- Note: You must to be a current member of CTC to register to play in our leagues.