Coaches & stringers

Tennis Coaching and Stringing Service Listings

The list below is a working list of racket stringers and tennis coaches that have been identified by our membership. The club is not certifying nor endorsing the names below, but is only trying to provide help for those looking for these services. If you know of anyone that would like to be added to this list, and have used them with good results, please send me their information for future listing. Send to our email address,


(Listing as of June 2022)

Coaching/Trainers Sources

      Abraham Olivas:  (559) 430-7074,

      Richard Quon:      (559) 761-9916,

      Shannon Smith:   (559) 908-0982,

      Molly Amico:         (317) 366-1530,

Racquet Stringing Sources

      Paul Jelmini:         (559) 213-7308,

      Alan Guthrie:       (559) 259-3439,

      Richard Quon:      (559) 761-9916,